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Repairs & Maintenance

Trust our technicians for ultrasonic equipment repairs. Reliable service to keep your equipment running smoothly extending its lifespan. An out of service machine can add a tremendous amount of stress to a work day and RI-LAVO is always prepared to help you troubleshoot your unit as soon as possible. 

Common Ultrasonic Malfunctions:

  • Drop in ultrasonic power/failed transducers

  • Decline in cleaning results

  • Increased chemical demands

  • Slow drainage

  • Slow or weak heating

  • Excess Noise


If your unit is having any of these issues, it is likely due for service.

Repairs Procedure:

  1. We can help you diagnose the problem over the phone, email, or video chat and be ready for the unit repair activities.

  2. Once the unit arrives, please refer to the attached 'Return Material Authorization' PDF file, we will then accurately quote your unit and relay this information to you.

  3. If the unit can't be moved we also offer “on-site repairs” to expedite your most urgent requests. In this case we'll also provide a quote for the cost of the call-out, including the technicians' hourly rate 'on-site' and travel expenses.

  4. If you accept the quote, we’ll quickly start on your repair.

  5. If you decline the quote and the unit is in our hands, the product will be available for pickup, or we can ship it to you with the transportation costs billed to your account within the next two business days or we can scrap it for you.
  6. If it is more cost effective to replace the unit, we can also quote you for a new comparable model.

Scheduled routine maintenance plan: request on demand 

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